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You can never care too much about the environment! Here at DS Creative, we offer a range of Eco-Friendly Products as an alternative to less sustainable products. From cards to banners, there's always a way to protect our planet.

Paper is undoubtably one of the easiest materials to recycle. Kraft paper is definitely a choice to consider if your business is aiming for an environmentally friendly impact: it's entirely naturally biodegradable, hard-wearing and tough to tear to boot!

No matter what thickness or finish you choose, all of our paper is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved - so you can order your products with a clean conscience knowing that our stock is sustainably sourced.

Where possible, we always offer a recycled or recyclable option for our plastic products. PVC is non-recyclable and has a damaging impact on the environment, so it's important to find alternatives where we can. Our PVC-free vinyl is made up of 100% recyclable plastics that match the sturdiness of PVC without the toxins that are released during the production and disposal process of regular PVC.

For your Roll-Up Banners, we offer a fully recyclable and reusable base. This includes velcro strips so you can simply swap your artwork out rather than buy a completely new unit.

Wood is a renewable and versatile material that adds a rustic feel to any piece of promotional material. It serves as a wonderful replacement to plastic and really drives home the environmentally friendly feel. From keyrings to pens, we offer products that are great for promotions and gifts alike.


Kraft Paper


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Recycled Plastic Pens


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Eco-Friendly Roll-Up Banners


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