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The Vinyl Frontier...

PVC Vinyl banners can cater to all designs and are ideal for both short-term, long-term and repeat use. They can be done almost any size you like.

These vinyl banners are printed using fade-resistant UV or Latex inks on a selection of premium, weather-resistant materials. Completed with optional welded hems and eyelets for hanging or pole pockets. Looking for an eco-friendly alternative? Contact Us to inquire about our fully recyclable banner material.

Our standard 440gsm PVC banners are available on next day or even same day service (when ordered before 11am, up to 1.2m max on the shorter edge.)


Please be aware that banners are temporary signage. As with all temporary signage they should be taken down in winds exceeding 30mph.

Turnaround Time

Standard: 3-4 working days
Express: 2 working days
Next Day: 1 working day
Same Day: Same day by 4pm - Orders must be completed and artwork supplied by 11am.

Turnaround times are from supply of correct, print-ready artwork, or if we are doing the design, approval of proofs. Working days are Monday - Friday and exclude bank holidays.

How quickly can I get banners?

We now offer our standard 440gsm banners up to 1.2m (on the shortest edge) as fast as same day.

What is the best way to store my vinyl banner when not in use?

To avoid any creases forming we recommend rolling your vinyl banner rather than folding it. Any creases will fall out over time but in the event you need to flatten them out quickly, simply place your banner under a flat heavy object to speed things up.

What are the benefits of eyelets?

Adding eyelets to your PVC Banner means that you will be able to hang your banner wherever you see fit. If you opt for ‘Pole Pockets’ you will need to hang your banner on the appropriate sized poles (not included). Please make sure you let us know the exact measurements of the desired pole when ordering your banner.

What is the best material for prolonged outdoor use of a PVC banner?

Every material we offer for our PVC banners is designed for outdoor use. The thicker the material, the more strong and long lasting it will be. The standard 440gsm PVC is recommended for more temporary usage, such as temporary advertising or for events. If you are looking for a more long term solution, we would recommend our 500gsm or 740gsm PVC which are thicker, premium vinyl and will therefore add more longevity to your product.

Is it possible to print on both sides of my PVC banner?

Yes. We offer both single sided and double sided printing for banners, but only on our thickest 740gsm, which has a special layer to prevent show through. You could have one offer or event printed on one side and another printed on the reverse, meaning a simple flip of the banner could double its use.

Supplying Your Own Design

We recommend allowing an inner-margin of 60mm within your design. This perimeter area around the edge of your design will leave space for the weld of the hem and any eyelets. This area should be kept free from any important content (text, logos) and only used for background images and colours.

Please note, this is 60mm inside of the ordered size, not 60mm bleed and not added to the ordered size.

Our standard distribution for eyelets is one in each corner with one per metre (no greater) in between. If you would like eyelets with custom distribution or positioning, please let us know. This can be provided at no extra cost.

Please supply your design as a PDF file, with 3mm bleed. Trim marks are optional.

Please allow a minimum 3mm safe-zone inside the trim line, which should contain no text or other critical elements.

Please ensure all fonts are embedded or text is converted to outlines/curves.

For more information, please see our Artwork Supply Guide page.

Professional Design Service

We offer a full, professional design service charged at £45 + VAT per hour. You can find more information about this on our Graphic Design page

There are various materials and finishes available for your banners. Here's an explanation of what they are.


440gsm PVC - Standard vinyl banner material suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

340gsm Mesh - A vinyl material with small holes making up 25% of the surface to allow air to flow through. It's also lighter than standard banner vinyl. This is especially suited to very large banners or building wraps.

500gsm PVC - A premium coated vinyl which is slightly thicker than the standard 440gsm vinyl. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

740gsm PVC (Single Sided) - A thicker, premium vinyl with a light-stop lining to prevent show through and shadowing from behind. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

740gsm PVC (Double Sided) - As above but printed on both sides. The light-stop layer ensures your banner looks it's best from both sides.


Hems & Eyelets - Banners have a welded hem for extra strength with metal eyelets added at equal distances along the hem. The eyelets are normally approximately 1m apart, but we can do different distributions or custom placements if required.

Hems Only - Banners have a welded hem for extra strength. No eyelets are added.

Pole Pockets - A pocket is added to the whichever edges you want. Please let us know the diameter of the pocket required or the size of the object to go through.

Trimmed to Size - No finishing. Your banner is just cut to the correct size. This is useful if you are using your print as a waterproof poster rather than a banner for hanging.

Trimmed with Eyelets - Your banner is cut to the correct size and metal eyelets are added at equal distances along the edge.

Can’t find exactly what you want?

We’ve tried to cover a large range of products and options on the site, but we can’t cover every possible specification. If you need anything that isn’t listed here, chances are we can still do it. Most products are available…

– At any size
– In any quantity
– On any paper/card
– With additional finishing options

Whatever you need, you can ask us for a custom quote through our bespoke quote form or call us on 0114 2669000.