Advertising with Flyers!

Advertising with Flyers!

In this digital age it may be tempting to dismiss leaflet and flyer distribution as old-fashioned and ineffective compared to how many people you can reach with social media marketing. The fact is, however, that this kind of paper marketing is often as or more effective than social media adverts in generating actual leads.

Social media adverts can quickly fade into the background and be ignored, while an eyecatching poster or flyer can break through the monotony of walking to work or doing your weekly shop. Big tech companies such as Facebook and Google also don't guarantee that people in your desired demographic (whether that's age, gender or location) will be shown your advert more than any other less relevant users. This means that your advertising budget could be being spent on advertising to people who are too far away to use your services, don't work in relevent industries, or simply don't care about your products.

Compare that to leaflets and flyers, which can be handed out directly to people local to your business. Flyers and leaflets also have the advantage of being much less transcient than digital ads. For example, sometimes we hold onto flyers and leaflets for days if not weeks, just by virtue of forgetting to throw them away. That means you could potentially be getting a lot more value for your money, with that kind of lasting exposure to your promotional material building brand recognition and awareness - both hugely important in growing your business.

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