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When you create a logo, consider the various shapes and styles it can adopt. From a standalone visual symbol to plain text or different combinations of both, there are nine distinct logo types you'll encounter. Here, you'll get the scoop on these logo variations and some tips on how to use them to cook up a winning design.

Types of Logos

Wordmark Logo: This type of logo consists of your business name in a unique and eye-catching font. It's all about showcasing your brand's name in a memorable way. Think Google or Cadbury.

Lettermark Logo: If your business has a long name, a Lettermark logo can be a lifesaver. It uses the initials or an acronym of your brand to create a distinctive logo, like IBM or the BBC.

Pictorial Logo: Pictorial logos feature a graphic or symbol that represents your brand. These images can become synonymous with your business, like Apple's iconic apple or Twitter's bird.

Abstract Logo: Abstract logos are more conceptual, using shapes and forms to convey your brand's identity without being too literal. Think about the National Rail double arrow – simple yet instantly recognisable.

Mascot Logo: This one's fun! Mascot logos use a character or figure to represent your brand. Companies like KFC and Michelin use this to create a friendly, recognizable face for their products.

Combination Logo: A combination of text and a symbol, these logos offer flexibility and a dual approach to branding. Brands like Royal Mail and Nando's use this style effectively.

Emblem Logo: Emblem logos have a sense of tradition and class. They typically enclose the company name within a symbol or badge. Look at the Rolls Royce logo - its classic, self-contained design makes it perfect for car bonnets and branded clothing alike. You can also think of every football team in the country!

Monogram Logo: Monogram logos use a stylized version of your initials to create a unique and stylish design. Louis Vuitton and H&M are famous for this elegant approach.

Dynamic Logo: Dynamic logos are versatile and can change or adapt in different situations. They suit businesses with evolving brand identities and are commonly seen in tech and media companies. A great example of this is the Big Brother logo, which keeps the iconic eye while changing with the production angle of each new season.

Choosing the right logo for your business is a bit like picking the perfect outfit – it should represent your style and make you stand out in the crowd. Take your time, and remember that your logo is the face of your brand, so make it memorable and unique!

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