Our work with... New York Bakery Co.

We're proud to work with New York Bakery Co. - who you might know from their tasty bagels - on their internal branding. Grupo Bimbo, their parent company, is the world's largest bakery company. This means there's a lot to consider when creating charts, graphs and instructional materials for internal use in their factories.

There are so many factors at play when creating huge numbers of incredibly popular products, and we work with the team at NYB to produce organisational tools that streamline productivity and make sure that everyone knows what they're doing.

It would be easy to make these be nothing but a bland spreadsheet, but that's not how we roll at DS Creative. We've worked closely with the Grupo Bimbo team to build internal branding that recalls the colours of both the Grupo Bimbo and New York Bakery logos, with consistent motifs of dashed lines and blue gradients. This brings about a sense of speed and efficiency while still being interesting and fun - if there's one thing Grupo Bimbo isn't, it's stagnant.

A black-and-white colour scheme would be easier to match everywhere, but at DS Creative we don't settle for easy - we aim for the best!

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