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Our Promotion Perfection sale is now on until June 30th 2022! Get 20% off  our fantastic promotional products with code MERCH20

Summer is upon us! Welcome to the season of fêtes, markets, and open days. If you want your brand to stand out from the crowd during these busy months, you'll need a little help. Our select range of high-quality merchandise is already great value for money,  but until June 30th it gets a little bit better to the tune of 20% off!

A custom mug is a fantastic way to help your customers and yourself - they get a mug that they can use for years while you earn a lot of good will and brand recognition! When a potential customer needs a service that your company provides, they're much more likely to come to you when they recognise your name. Check out this article in Forbes to learn more about brand recognition.

The same can be said for our bottle opener keyrings, our pens, our coasters, our beer mats, and our bags. Take advantage of this fantastic offer today to stock up on your existing promotional merch, or create your first set with us! If you want to make a great first impression, contact us and get a quote - we can design your logo or overall branding. Our team of designers will bring your vision to life and get your business ready for the public to enjoy.


Use code MERCH20 to get 20% off Coasters, Beer Mats, Tote Bags, Promotional Pens, Bottle Opener Keyrings, and Mugs.


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