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Having truly bespoke signage for your business can make a huge difference. When the general public passes by hundreds of shops daily, getting their attention can be difficult. The best way to stand out? Unique, high-quality signage.

From murals in your fitting rooms to vivid posters in your shopfront, the number of ways for physical businesses to get attention from potential clients using signage is massive. In this post, we’ll be covering just a few ways for you to stand out from the crowd – with DS Creative’s help.

“What’s the best place for my new signs?”

Every business owner knows that storefront signage is a must. A good sign should represent your business – are you a fun, retro-themed bar? Neon would be a great choice. If you’re a greengrocer, a traditional hand-painted sign can establish your earthy credentials. But besides this, what else can you do?

• The humble pavement sign - whether that be a sandwich board, a swinging sign or a flexible "forecourt" sign - is a great way to grab the attention of passers-by. These are a fantastic way to make it clear what your business sells and that you’re currently open, all before they even make it to your front door. Be sure to check your local council’s laws regarding outdoor signs for businesses when taking up pavement space.

• Use window stickers to show off your operating times and contact details. We offer both translucent and opaque stickers for inside or outside use.

• You can use your pavement signage to denote free parking spots for your customers, to let people know how easy it is to shop with you.

• Why not use a more permanent foamboard or metal sign in your window to add a permanent and personal touch? Invite people in with a bit of your personality!

A London Taxi wrapped with the Just Eat logo and brand colours. A stylish and easy way to showcase the brand's identity.

• If you do delivery or offer mobile services, consider using vehicle stickers. These are a great semi-permanent solution for displaying your business name and services as well as your contact number. For a more easy-to-remove solution, a vehicle-standard Magnetic Sign is a fantastic way to include those same business details while still being able to rearrange and remove them whenever you need to.

• Does your business use vehicles often? Consider getting custom vehicle wraps, which feature not only your brand name and details but cover the vehicle in your brand’s colours. We’re happy to work with you to come up with a bespoke design that suits you to a t.

Pavement signs, flags, banners, and other kinds of outdoor signs can be a fantastic way to let your potential customers know about limited-time offers, promotions, and events. Whether you pull in new clients out of curiosity or just keep your current ones in the loop, this is a win-win!

• Are you using chalkboards to change your weekly offers? Get a bespoke board printed with your logo, so when people take photos of your gorgeous chalk art your brand is right there with it!

• Use our sturdy, vivid posters to promote regular events or offers in shopfront windows

• Our fantastic outdoor/indoor banners are perfect for throwing an opening party, debuting a refurbishment, or advertising your latest big sale!

“What do I need for indoor signage?”

Starbucks menus are lit up to draw attention to them first, but smaller signs on the counter level keep the customer occupied while waiting for their order.
Starbucks' menus are lit up to draw attention to them first, but smaller signs on the counter level keep the customer occupied while waiting to order.

It’s important to create visual interest in your store. This doesn’t mean you have to use bright, flashy colours – especially if that doesn’t suit your brand! A great way to achieve this is by having signage at different levels. For example: hanging from the ceiling; on shelves; even floor stickers! This verticality is used to lead the eye around as many products as possible.

Countertop signs next to the till can be used to remind customers of your policies and payment methods. Add a bit of personality with a bespoke design including your logo and brand colours!

Table talkers and tent menus can be used in bars and eateries as both menus and to promote specific deals

• Lead customers around the store with high-quality custom floor stickers

• Use roll-up banners to show notable areas of the store, for example, to promote new products

• Need permanent signage to denote a fixed area, like your changing rooms, the toilets, or the tills? Why not use a more permanent fixed sign made from acrylic or metal?

• A great way to add personality to your store with ease is to add wall murals using our vinyl wall stickers. These require no painting expertise but still look fantastic!

Lush uses signage on all levels to lead the eye across all their different products.
Lush uses signage on all levels to lead the eye, so that - although the packaging itself isn't particularly visually interesting -  each product gets attention from the customer.

Don't forget: here at DS Creative we offer a bespoke design service. If you need a hand giving your signage that extra bit of style, don't hesitate to get in touch - we work with you to create a style that suits you and your brand perfectly. Check out our portfolio to see some of our past work here!

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