The Best Print Products To Promote Your Business

Whether you’re an established company or start-up business, it’s always important to promote yourself. Printed materials are one of the best ways to display your company to your ideal clients.

The following print products are what most businesses use as the backbone to any promotional strategy.

Stationery / Corporate Identity

Items such as letterheads, compliment slips and business cards are an important part to any business. It's where your brand identity shines through at its best. They’re the items your audience are most likely to be receiving, whether you’re passing on a business card to a prospective client or sending an invoice to an established customer, branded stationery helps set a high standard.


An extremely important part of any marketing is being able to display your company and its services in a clear, precise manner. Brochures do this best. No matter what size you are or what services you provide, being able to present your business in with a professional image is very beneficial – it enables you to entice and capture new clients whilst keeping your current audience impressed. Business brochures enable you to compete with bigger companies and allow customers to refer to your services time and time again.

Flyers / Postcards

Every now and again it’s great to push different aspects of your business in separate campaigns. Flyers, postcards and leaflets are quick, easy and sure to entice customers to specific services or offers. They’re excellent to have on display on your front counter or at exhibitions when you want to give a concise summary of what you’ve got to offer. They’re also easier for prospective clients to pick up and carry around without the bulk of a full information pack.

Direct Mail

Everyone nowadays is sick of receiving junk emails filled with offers and promotions, and it’s very easy for your business to get caught up in the junk folder. If you have an established client base, direct mail is a sure-fire way of ensuring your information is received by your clients, and it’s easier than ever to personalise your mail marketing with mail merging. Receiving offers and brochures through the post makes your clients feel important meaning they’re more likely to respond with interest.

Greetings Cards / Promotional Items

It’s easy to forget about national holidays and events. Customers like to see their service providers take part in every day celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. Sending out greetings cards gives a more personal touch to your services and makes clients feel special. Also, if your company is ever taking part in exhibitions or festivals, it’s easy to have a set of branded products ready for passers-by to pick up. Items like USB sticks, pens, mugs, notepads etc get noticed very quickly and visitors are likely to want to pick up the freebies, this gives you the perfect opportunity to step in sell your business services.

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