Why Are Printed Brochures Still So Effective?

Despite what some believe, print marketing is not going away. These tried and tested methods have stood the test of time and can still be highly effective even in today’s impatient online world. Brochures are a vital print marketing tool that prove to be just as effective as any marketing device. It is worth asking, then: why are brochures still a business staple, when a customer can simply research a company online? Let's break it down.


Having something you can touch, keep and pass on to others makes customers connect with the information they are given, rather than forgetting about it amongst the vast world-wide-web. Physically having something gives the content a much greater grasp of the consumers' attention, and allows for the real-world spreading of your business.


A customer will be typically consuming your online content through a 5.2inch screen on their mobile device. This makes all that money you spent on professional photography seem wasted.

Brochures, however, have enough room to present images and graphics in all their glory. Your photography deserves better thana measly 5.2 inches! Brochures also reflect the professionalism of your company as you present them in business meetings. They're are a far more viable option to introduce your services to clients as they allow you to easily demonstrate your product and structure your pitch from the layout of your brochure.


While you can very easily unsubscribe to email lists, and you can very willingly add yourself to them, most of the time you receive emails that you never asked for and are mostly not related to your needs. Brochures, on the other hand, you take out of interest. You've seen something you like, so you grab a brochure for more details. This means the customers that take one are already interested in your services and are therefore more likely to turn into a lead. Customers can also very easily scan through your brochure's content to the information they are interested in, and then act on it using the calls to action throughout.

Cost Effective

Digital Marketing by nature needs to be constantly adapting to the latest trends, meaning it does take time, energy and resources to maintain. Meanwhile, a high-quality brochure can be printed and then reused so long as it isn’t campaign specific and doesn’t date.

The actual cost of designing and printing a brochure is small when considering that this brochure can be the staple of your print marketing for months or even years, making them perfect for small businesses. Another bonus to brochures which highlights their cost effectiveness is their versatility. Brochures can be used to benefit every form of marketing. From meetings and events, to business seminars and office lobbies; they are sure to add value wherever they are.


Online advertising is a competitive industry. More than likely you will be competing for attention with the big boys of your industry, raising the challenge and expense you will have to pay to get noticed. Meanwhile, a brochure is focused on the business it’s designed for - leaving you with plenty of room to get across the important details, plus enough space to include content that your customers will find interesting. Keeping them engaged is the next challenge, but one that is immensely more attainable than dislodging your online competitors for advertising space. Their pocket-friendly nature makes them an effective engagement tool.

With interesting content that your customers will value, sleek professional designs, and effective calls to action throughout, brochures are still an important product in any company's marketing campaign arsenal; and, undeniably, they will be around for a long time to come.

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