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Show off your special day.

Make some gorgeous wall art with your wedding photos by having them projected onto a high-quality canvas.

They also make great decorations for the wedding reception; you and your partner can show off your engagement photos, or even use the canvas as signage. Our high-grade canvas material provides a sleek, sturdy final product that you’ll be able to keep for years to come. Can be mounted on walls or propped up.

• Choose your ideal size, from 8 inches to 40 inches across.
• Can be varnished for extra protection with a beautiful finish.
• High print quality ensures that your design or photo looks as good as possible, with bold colours and crisp edges.

Turnaround Time

Standard: 3 working days

Express: 1 working day

Turnaround times are from supply of correct, print-ready artwork, or if we are doing the design, approval of proofs. Working days are Monday - Friday and exclude bank holidays.

How do I hang my canvas print?

We can supply hanging kits for our canvas prints at the cost of one pound per canvas. They are incredibly easy to use and let your canvas hang flat against the wall.
Hanging kits contain:
- 1 x sawtooth bracket
- 2 x screws
- 2 x nails
- 1 x hook
We have created a full guide on how to properly hang your Canvas Print which can be found at our Canvas Hanging Guide.

How many images can I have on one canvas?

It's completely up to you! If you have several images you would like displayed on a single canvas you can either arrange them together in a single PDF file or we can do the hard work for you. Please note, design work will be charged additionally. Please get in contact if you have any questions.

What benefits do the different edging options offer?

We currently offer six different types of edging for your canvas, meaning you have a range of possibilities when it comes to displaying your work in the best way possible. The benefits of each wrapping option are explained in detail on the Wraps Explained tab.

How do I take care of my canvas print?

Try to keep your canvas print away from sources of humidity or direct sunlight. They are extremely hardwearing but under extreme conditions the humidity could affect the fabric or prolonged exposure to bright sunlight could cause slight colour fading. Make sure you keep your canvas looking fresh by running a soft dry cloth over it from time to time.

The satin varnish gives your canvas an extra layer of protection from scuffs and from UV light. We recommend this option if your canvas is likely to be exposed to sunlight for a prolonged amount of time.

Supplying Your Own Design

Send us your image or file and we will supply a proof before printing.

For more information, please see our Artwork Supply Guide page.

Professional Design Service

We offer a full, professional design service charged at £45 + VAT per hour. You can find more information about this on our Graphic Design page

Various options are available for how your canvas edges will look, as follows:

Gallery Wrap
This means that your image continues around the corner and covers the entirety of the canvas, front and sides. This is a popular choice for landscape photographs or city scenes where there is no main focal point around the edge of the image.

Mirror Wrap
This is similar to the gallery wrap except it means that your full image will be displayed on the front of the canvas with areas near the edge being replicated and flipped to print on the sides. This creates a similar effect to the gallery wrap process in that it will seem as though your image continues all the way around the canvas, but will save any details near the edge of the image being lost.

Blur Wrap
Blur wrap is fairly self explanatory, instead of your image being continued or flipped on the edges of your canvas, a blur is applied to the image covering the edges creating a more abstract feel. This works well for portraits or photographs where the background is not as important as the main central subject.

Colour Grab
We select the main colour from your image and replicate this as a solid colour all the way around the edge of the canvas. This is a nice alternative to the standard black or white wrapping as it continues the theme of your imagery.

Black / White Wrap
Ideal for copies of artwork or for placing on brightly coloured walls. White wrap creates the effect of a traditional, painted canvas with white edges whereas the black wrap almost creates a contrasting frame for your picture. These are ideal for placing on a brightly coloured wall or a patterned wallpaper as there will be no directly clashing colours.

Can’t find exactly what you want?

We’ve tried to cover a large range of products and options on the site, but we can’t cover every possible specification. If you need anything that isn’t listed here, chances are we can still do it. Most products are available…

– At any size
– In any quantity
– On any paper/card
– With additional finishing options

Whatever you need, you can ask us for a custom quote through our bespoke quote form or call us on 0114 2669000.